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Bio: Andy Philips

Mr. Philips started his career at NASA developing Artificial Intelligence algorithms for Shuttle Payload Processing, the Hubble Space Telescope and Automated Photometric Telescopes). While there, he helped create the Min-Conflicts Algorithm.

At Red Pepper Software he designed and built their scheduling and planning programming language: a proprietary, object-oriented 4GL with built in constraint modeling and recursive transactions. Using the language scheduling experts model customer problems in the abstract, freeing developers from detailed programming tasks. PeopleSoft (now Oracle) purchased the company as its sole MRP II product-line.

At Open Horizon, Mr. Philips worked managed development on two of their product lines. On the first, he designed and built a secure transport system for proprietary generic client/server objection replication and that included a distributed memory model. Over that code the team built secure database transports for Oracle, Sybase and ODBC drivers. The second product line was a Java-based, secure publish-subscribe messaging system.

Mr. Philips went on to work at Oracle for eight years where he first managed the secure database connectivity team and grew that group to support a broad offering of security components both commercially and internally. Next, he moved to the Applications Division where he worked to upgrade Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) security and was instrumental in the creation of Oracle's Security Bug Incident and Handling Process. Mr. Philips authored a number of security related patents during his time at Oracle.

At telSPACE, Mr. Philips built three implementations of a Mobile Payments phone application in Brew, J2ME/Blackberry and WAP. The on-phone applications can update the UI on the fly (without new code downloads). The Java application has a built-in interpreter and rendering engine providing abstraction over all and Blackberry phone types. The J2ME version never met a phone it didn't like; three builds cover all Java phone types.

When not working, Mr. Philips may be found cooking for his family, coaching one of his kids sports teams or riding his bike along the sweeping roads of Northern California or down some of his favorite (secret) single-track.

Mr. Philips graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 1989 with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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